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Email Settings

We have instructions below if you'd like to try changing email on your own but if you'd like to talk to a professional support tech, you can reach one at 774-1351.

The settings you will need to change are the following:

POP3 email server:mail.powerxmail.com
POP3 email port:995
Outgoing email server: smtp.powerxmail.com
Outgoing email port: 465

Turning on authentication for the outgoing email server is required. It should be the same login as your incoming (most email clients allow you to specify 'same as incoming email'). Your username should not change. It will still be youremail@upnorthcable.com but your password MIGHT change. If you have issues, please contact a professional support tech @ 828-3587.

Northside TV Corp
521 Vulcan Street
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Phone (906) 774-1351