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Northside TV Corporation Rates
521 Vulcan Street Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Basic Cable (Channels 2-75) Members/NonMembers $58.75/mo $60.75/mo***
HBO $17.25/mo
Hook-up Fee $25.00
Extra Outlet $25.00
New aerial installs $95.00

All new installs assume that you are 200 ft. or less from the existing cable system.

Payment Schedule for Quarterly Payments:

*January, February, March
*April, May, June
*July, August, September
*October, November, December

Payments are made quarterly, or monthly if subscribed to more than one service:
Price per quarter: $176.25/$182.25 w/HBO $229.00/231.00** ***
Economy Tier Monthly: $28.00
Economy Tier Quarterly: $84.00

Payments are made quarterly or monthly if you have more than one service.
*Payment is requred in advance
**$1.00 service charge for each bill processed.
This prices includes $2.00 per month Membership Fee. After 5 years, the cost per month will go down $2.00.

Disconnect Policy

It is our policy to send all quarterly cable bills out on the first of the month prior to the next quarter billing. All payments are due in full by the end of the month. All past-due bills will receive a $5.00 late fee will be applied to the account. On the 10th of the month service will be disconnected and a $25.00 hook-up fee must be paid to restore service. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank you.

Northside TV Corporation
521 Vulcan Street
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Phone (906) 774-1351